While many of us look at the Asheville community and see beauty and abundance, there are many children in our community who are vulnerable and need help.  Your donations to HARK go directly to helping at risk kids have a safer and more normal childhood.

One of our major targets of support are the children who have been taken into protection by the courts. Each month in Buncombe County, over 400 abused and neglected children are in the protective oversight of Social Services and over 50% are seven years of age or younger.  Many of these children have been removed from their homes, often without their clothing, toys, and school supplies. These children carry the heavy burdens of loss, as well as adjusting to new homes and environments.  Children who are placed in kinship care receive little funding from the State, so your donations make a great impact.

We also offer support to children who have turned 18 and have “aged out” of State support, helping them with housing and job seeking.  HARK also identifies at risk children through schools, government agencies, and other area nonprofits.

Helping at Risk Kids (HARK) is a 100% volunteer organization that raises money to help these children be safe and comfortable, helping to launch them into a successful future.  Your donation to HARK goes 100% directly to supporting these children. 

Help us give more children in protective oversight a chance for a safer, happier life

Your donation provides the most basic needs such as baby supplies, school supplies, car seats, beds, warm clothing, shoes as well as those extras – a camping experience, music lessons, a bicycle – those things that normalize a child’s life and build confidence and self-esteem.

Please help us provide these things to these innocent kids by clicking the DONATE button.

If you prefer to send a check directly to Helping at Risk Kids, Inc.:

Helping at Risk Kids
PO Box 8283
Asheville, NC 28814

Helping at Risk Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity.  Your donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Helping at Risk Kids (HARK) of Buncombe County and the children send a heartfelt Thank You. With your support, HARK is able to continue to make an impact in the lives of the abused and neglected children in Buncombe County and beyond.

Sponsorship:  We appreciate your support of our programs. If you’d like to learn more about our Sponsorship Opportunities, please visit this page.

We Appreciate Our Sponsors

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